Operation Smile

AROHA – ADVENTURE CLUB Operation Smile Name of the event : Operation Smile Club : Adventure Club Date andTime : 20th November to 25th November 2022 Cultural coordinator : Mrs. Kampa Belliappa Student coordinator: Mukund Krishna K,  Sanjana Sarakshi No. of Volunteers : 45 Event Description : To provide the medical aid and necessary surgery […]

Skandagiri Trekking

AROHA – ADVENTURE CLUB Skandagiri Trekking Host:- Adventure ClubDate:- 22/05/2023 On 22nd of May 2023 Adventure Club Hosted an adventurous Trekking event a total of 141 members have been a part the event. About Skandagiri: Skandagiri, Papagni Matt kalavara village skandagiri . also known as Kalavara Durga, is an ancient mountain fortress located approximately 70 km […]

Treasure hunt

AROHA – ADVENTURE CLUB Treasure hunt Name of event : Treasure hunt Club   : Adventure Club Date : 21/06/2023 Cultural coordinator : Mrs Kampa Belliappa Student coordinator : Mukund Krishna K, Sanjana Sarakshi MOM ( minutes of meeting) : 4 meetings was held during the week before where all the volunteers were present a total […]

Tug of war

AROHA – ADVENTURE CLUB Tug of war Name of event: Tug of war Club: Sports club and adventure club Date: 20th July 2023 Faculty coordinators: Mr. Siddalingamurthy, Ms. Eshwari B Student coordinators: Mr. Yashas G, Ms. M Poornima, Mr. Mukund Krishna, Ms. Sanjana Sarakshi Event description: On 20th July 2023 Sports club had coordinated and conducted an […]