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Tug of war

tug of war

Name of event: Tug of war

Club: Sports club and adventure club

Date: 20th July 2023

Faculty coordinators: Mr. Siddalingamurthy, Ms. Eshwari B

Student coordinators: Mr. Yashas G, Ms. M Poornima, Mr. Mukund Krishna, Ms. Sanjana Sarakshi

Event description:

On 20th July 2023 Sports club had coordinated and conducted an event Tug of war with Adventure club. It was a team event where 8 people were in a team, a total of 28 teams had participated in this sportive event, 10 teams from girls and 18 teams from boys had participated separately. A total of 2 rounds had taken place where each team would play and lead to the finals. The finals of Tug of war was conducted on 2nd August 2023 in which each of the team that had won from boys and girls has competed separately.