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Green Initiatives



The Campus maintains multiple solar panels to derive energy from natural sources. Every block in the institution has individual power control panels and energy meters installations, which help in individual effective monitoring and control of energy consumption.

The UPS batteries are maintained in good condition and regularly checked, which reduces energy consumed for charging batteries. Energy conserving lights like CFL, T5 tube lights and LED’s are used in the campus. Informative Posters are put up in all departments educating Students regarding the necessity of energy conservation.



The rain water gets collected at every block and fed into a rain water harvesting tank to preserve the underground water. From the tank water is carried to overhead tanks and used for various purposes. Rain water is collected in 8 tanks installed in HemuKalani block which is of capacity of 2000 litres. Overhead tanks are of the capacity of 5000 litres. 90 % of water used in the building is through rainwater harvesting.

waste management


Solid Waste Management

The accumulated dry or wet waste in our campus are segregated in different dustbins maintained in 3 different colours – Red colour for domestic hazard waste, blue colour for non biodegradable waste & green colour for biodegradable waste, and are placed in each floor.Posters are displayed insisting the students to drop the waste accordingly.

Waste converter

Waste accumulated is segregate and processed in organic waste converter- rNature converter machines from Reddonatura..The machine is having the capacity of 100 kg/day machine weight 600 kg appr. ,dimensions (ft)7.5(l) x 3(w) x 4.2(h) FT. Waste which is segregated is added to the machine. The waste is then composted with the help of microorganisms that convert organic waste into compost. The machine uses ‘Thermophile Extremophile’ bacteria that is known to thrive in high temperature and are effective in high acidic or salty conditions. After 24–36 hours, the compost is ready. It looks like dry soil and is an excellent medium for growing plants. The compost produced is usually only about 10% of the quantity of waste the machine began with.

Liquid Waste Management

Sewage treatment plant is installed in the campus for purifying the gutter water. The gutter water goes through various stages of filtering and finally water is collected in tanks. An average of 2 lakh litres is filtered and conserved. The Water Purification Plant which purifies and treats the sewage water & cafeteria effluent is then reused in areas like the garden and sports field.



The institution displays sensitivity to issues like climate change and environmental issues. It adopts environment friendly practices and takes necessary actions such as – energy conservation, rain water harvesting, waste recycling, carbon neutral etc. Paper wastage is disposed of and the dry dead leaves are buried in the soil to protect the campus from getting polluted. One sided sheets are used for reducing wastage. Students enthusiastically take part in Tree Plantation Programs which are regularly organized.The environmental consciousness is given priority at the time of making strategic plan for development. The college realizes the necessity for creating awareness on eco-friendly atmosphere among the students so that they can practice such ideas in their personal lives. The institution aspires to create a Clean and Green Campus.

The institution has taken up certain preventive measures to check the emission of carbon-dioxide. The parking facility is provided for the students’ in an open ground which helps in preventing the accumulation of pollution caused by vehicles to a maximum extent.

Merit Scholarship

Irrespective of gender, caste, religion, the college offers meritorious scholarships after identifying promising, worthy and talented students. This scholarship boosts the morale of the students to score well. It also assists them to get placed in reputed companies through campus placements. Scholarships are also provided to deserving meritorious students at the time of admission every year.

The outcome of scholarship initiative has instilled a strong sense of dedication to score 100/100 in various subjects. Winning an academic scholarship is a proof of excellence and hard work. It also reflects well on a resume for a good placement. Scholarships aid as a financial assistance for students from economically weaker section of the society. It also acts as a sign of welcoming students for admissions in pursuing the higher education from diverse backgrounds. Merit scholarship awards received during academic tenure give a sense of accomplishment to the students to achieve their goals. Students who are awarded these scholarships prove their capability as intelligent and strong skilled students.

RESATT Committee

The RESATT committee was established in October 2014 with a view to monitor students and ensure their physical presence to maintain 75% of attendance,to gain eligibility to write University Examination, and improve their performance to enhance results.Separate committee heads were appointed for BBA, BCom and BCA. The main objective of the committee is to identify and counsel students who are slow learners in academics and those who have less attendance to encourage them to attend special class. The committee meetings are held after the internal exam to discuss the attendance and performance of the students.

This committee aims at identifying the different types of learners and classified them as Q1, Q2 & Q3.Q signifies the quality of the student, and based on the classification special care is addressed to every category by the respective subject teacher. Q1 -Advance learners, Q2-moderate learners & Q3-Slow learners. Based on this various quality measures are implemented. Every faculty member of the college support and give 100% of their contribution for the student improvement initiative. Special classes are conducted regularly after class hours.

Student Activity Centre

Student Activity Centre, a centre of creativity and excellence, was set up to help students develop their personality, build up confidence and the right attitude to face challenges with an open mind. The main motto of Student Activity Centre is to bridge the gap between academic and extra-curricular programmes that promote personal and social development of students. This centre enables students to identify their innate talents and skills that help them to actively participate, win prizes and embark on a journey of accomplishments. The SAC plays a prominent role in sharpening leadership skills and heightening their creativity.

The Student Activity Centre has phased itself into various clubs according to its nature of skill set. Every club adds on a skill set of valuable learning experience. From each class, two representatives, one girl and boy is nominated by students and the class mentor. These elected representatives are the members of the student club. The club is headed by a boy and girl representative from the final year who becomes the President and the Vice President. The activities of the club are broadly classified into 3 categories: sports, cultural and literary headed by the staff coordinators. Each club is responsible for organising extracurricular activities and events in the college and also encourages students from their area of interest to take part in intra, inter college competitions at state & national levels.

Mentor - Mentee for Faculty


  • To familiarize the new appointed faculty members with the given environment.
  • To guide them on the adaptability & practices of the institution.
  • To help them get prepared to meet up the students.
  • To support them for timely preparation & completion of the syllabus.


The mentee can approach the mentor during working hours to discuss matters relating to conduction of classes, maintenance of records other relevant topics. The mentor guides the mentee about organisational policies in the college, rules and regulation practiced. The mentor maintains record of report of discussions held during the semester and the mentee identifies the outcome of such discussion. A minimum of three meetings are to be held in the semester.


It helps the mentee to be familiarised with the organizational policy, customs and practices and can work comfortably. Subject training and delivery methodologies are made aware as the mentor is from the same domain. It enables to save the adaptability time for the new faculty.

Mentor - Mentee for Students


The College has the system of allotting a faculty member as the mentor for the students. Mentoring is a personal as well as professional relationship develops over an extended period. The mentor makes an effort to know and understand the goals and interest of a student to advance the educational and personal growth of the student.


Every section has a class mentor who provides help to the students by guiding them in the studies, career planning, setting goals etc. Mentor make the students feel comfortable approaching them and sharing their personal and psycho- social issues to make them feel more confident and composed. Guidance to parents and personalized counseling to the students are provided by the Mentor. Mentor -Mentee provisions are practiced on priority basis in the Institution. Mentoring records are maintained for each student which includes both personal and academic files.


Mentoring provides guidance and support to the students in their overall development. It helps the students to identify their weakness and convert it into their strength.

Conduction of regular seminar, conference and workshop for students & Faculty to strengthen Research culture in the Institution

IQAC encourage the faculty members and students to actively participate in research activities. Faculty members are granted OOD facility to attend the conference/ workshop conducted by other institutions. Motivates the faculty to publish research papers in UGC approved Journals. Regularly workshops are conducted for the students and guide them to prepare research papers and present in seminars/ conferences conducted by the college as well as organized by the other institutions. Students are exposed to the different forums like seminars and conference in order to have an exchange of ideas which would contribute towards their self and institutional growth. Faculty members prepare at least two research papers yearly and publish it in UGC approved journals.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA)

Corrective Action and Preventive Action is practiced for improving student performances.

Monetary benefits

  • Apart from Scholarship, Monetary benefits are offered to students to encourage them to participate in national level sports tournaments Students and faculty members have access to Learning resources in the form of e- journals, books etc. Encouragement is given to teachers for upgrading their career vertically.

Value Added Programme

Industry relevant certifications/trainings are offered to the students through Global and Professional Streams.  Read More

Group Learning

Group Learning is encouraged by providing Discussion Rooms in the Library for 24X7.

Alumni Association

Alumni Association organizes exclusive Alumni Meet every year.

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