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New Horizon College-Marathalli believes in advocating anti-ragging/ragging-safe environment throughout and ensures to prevent, prohibit and eliminate the scourge of ragging. Ragging has ruined countless number of students and their lives; negatively impacting the growth of healthy atmosphere in educational institutions where the expectations of the fresh batch of students are often met with disappointment, fear and insecurity.

Ragging was once the medium of interaction between the seniors and the juniors of an institution which helped bond the two parties and built the correct attitude towards learning. With the passing of years, it has been observed that the practice of ragging has changed into a medium of exploitation and oppression where the juniors are exposed to tremendous mental/physical harassment and are made a means of entertainment causing injury to their self-respect.

Objectives :

Roles & Responsibilities:

Forms of Ragging:

Display of noisy, disorderly conduct, teasing, excitement by rough or rude treatment or handling, including rowdy, undisciplined activities which cause or likely to cause annoyance, undue hardship, physical or psychological harm or raise apprehensive fear in a fresher, or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such a student will not do in the ordinary course and which causes him/her shame or embarrassment or danger to his/her life, etc.

Acts considered as Ragging are:

Punishment for Participation in/or Abetment of Ragging:

Anti Ragging Committee @ NHCM:

Anjana Moorthy Faculty In-charge  & Assistant Professor, NHC-M
Pooja N- V Student Representative – BCOM ‘E’
Nair Abhay Vijay Student Representative – III BBA ‘B’