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New Horizon College Marathalli is affiliated to the Bengaluru North University. The academic programs at NHCM are carefully designed to include the latest practices in academics and industry to enable an enriching learning experience.


Courses Offered:


The course of study for the B.Com, BBA & BCA Degree shall extend over a period of three academic years. Each academic year comprising of two semesters and each semester comprising of sixteen weeks of class work.


The medium of instruction and examination shall be in English.


The application form can be filled online and submitted to us along with the photocopy of the documents for verification.

The application form is a key part of the admission process, incomplete or false information will not be entertained.

You may visit the Admission Office in person or call us on any of the numbers given below for details.

Once the seat has been confirmed, candidates need to submit the application form along with the documents specified below.



The applicant should have passed in the 12th standard (2nd PUC of the Karnataka state or its equivalent) as recognized by Bangalore North University. All Admissions to the degree classes are subject to approval by the Bangalore North University.

Documents to be produced at the time of admission by the applicant:


Students who have passed out from Boards/University other than the Karnataka PU Board should also submit in addition to the above mentioned documents:


From Barter to Bitcoin, commerce has come a long way and it can easily be said that the world may not function without it. Commerce, in our society, is ever-evolving and how! It remains one of the most chosen fields by students in India. Commerce has played a significant role in setting up our society. We can all agree that majority of our life is based on changes made in this sector.  

To say that commerce is limited to import-export or exchange of goods and services would be hiding the enormity of the field. Studying commerce gives you an in-depth analysis of the world of Business; from the Micro which is individual areas of business to the Macro which is a bird’s eye view of the entire structure. New Horizon College Marathahalli, is one of the best colleges for commerce students in India among the top commerce colleges in India for our excellent courses, academic, extra, and co-curricular achievements.  

We have come a long way to be considered as one of the top 10 degree colleges in Bangalore among the list of commerce degree colleges in Bangalore.  

If you are a student who has just graduated their 12th Standard and is wondering what college or course to take, then this article will help you settle on your dreams.  

If you have been asking questions like: Which college is better for commerce in Bangalore? Which college is best for commerce students? Which are the top 5 colleges in Bangalore? Which commerce subject is best? Which commerce course is best in future? Then reading on may help you get some clarity. New Horizon College Marathahalli, remains to be one of the top 10 commerce colleges in Karnataka among the list of commerce degree colleges in Bangalore. Here is a list of commerce degree courses that we offer and why you should take them up and fill in the application form as soon as you can. 

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

The Department of Bachelor in Business Administration was established in the year 1998 to offer a full-time BBA course affiliated to Bangalore North University. Bachelor in Business Administration happens to be one of the most chosen courses for students that graduated their 12th standard across any stream – humanities, commerce, or science. BBA prepares students for managerial and entrepreneurial roles in future in sectors such as Marketing, Education, Sales, Finance, Private and Government. The Bachelor of Business Administration course of NHCM is a dynamic programme that develops the students’ potentials of being leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians as well as researchers in the field of business/business education.  

Course Specialties

The Bangalore North University curriculum is tailor-made to impart practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of business. The esteemed and experienced faculty put in efforts to organize national and international educational tours. The department invites leading influencers from the industry to take up lectures, workshops, and seminars. Value-added programs keep the students up-to-date with new opportunities such as CAT coaching, Personality development classes and ABD (Attitude behavioral Development) classes along with the main curriculum. The courses train students in business administration and management through classroom and practical learning.

Skills Taught

Analytical skills, Communication skills, Leadership skills, Management skills and Practical knowledge to assist a student in their future endeavours. 

Our dedication in churning out the best possible professionals has come out successful, each year. We are considered to be the best BBA college in Bangalore and the best BBA college in India unanimously. Here is a peek into our BBA subjects list/BBA syllabus/Course Objective/BBA Eligiblity Criteria and more 

If you are looking to be a part of the best BBA colleges in Bangalore or the best BBA colleges in Karnataka, then here is your chance at being a part of one of the top BBA colleges in India. Only the top 10 degree colleges in Bangalore among the list of commerce degree colleges in Bangalore give you the opportunity to be a perfect professional and get the best placements in BBA after graduation. NHCM makes its way up to the top by setting records in every aspect making it the best BBA college in Karnataka.  

Take up your BBA admission in Bangalore and fill in the BBA online registration form, to be in your dream college NHCM. 

Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)

The Bachelor of Commerce degree program of New Horizon College Marathahalli initiates the students into the principles and practices of advanced accounting and the dynamics of management, marketing, banking, auditing, company law, secretarial practice, and allied disciplines. 

Course Specialties

The course revolves around giving a student an in-depth understanding in the world of commerce. The students are taught analytical skills that benefit them in areas in the likes of business, finances, banking, taxes, and the economy at large. The department along with its highly regarded faculty invites leading influencers from the industry to take up lectures, workshops, and seminars. Relevant Value-added programs keep the students up-to-date with new opportunities such as CAT coaching, Personality development classes and ABD (Attitude behavioral Development) classes along with the main curriculum. The students are taken on national and international educational tours that increase their practical knowledge.  

Skills Taught

Problem-solving skills, Decision-making skills, Communication skills, Analytical skills, Numeracy skills along with theoretical and practical skills in the basics of commerce.  

Take a look at our B.COM subjects list/ B.com general subjects/B.com course details. 

Any student that desires to excel in the field of Commerce must be a part of the top 10 degree colleges in Bangalore in the list of commerce degree colleges in Bangalore.  

If you are at that stage in your career where you often ask yourself: Which college is best for BCOM in Bangalore? Which is the No 1 College in Bangalore for commerce? Which college is best for B Com? Which are the best colleges for B.Com in Bangalore? Which are the best universities for B.Com in Bangalore? How can I get admission in BCOM? Then this is your answer. The best college for BCOM is NHCM. 

Now that you know, all you must do is check the B.com online admission form along with the B.com admission form last date on our website and fill in the B.Com admission form to one of the best BCOM colleges in Bangalore in the list of top 10 of BCOM colleges in Bangalore.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

The department of Bachelor of Computer Application was established at New Horizon College, Marathahalli, Bangalore in the year 2013. This course trains students for the developing IT/Software industry. The course creates highly-skilled, adaptable graduates who can design computer-based solutions to address information management and processing complications in industry, commerce, science, entertainment, and the public sector. 

Course Specialties

The curriculum is such that it is constantly updated based on the industry requirements. It is designed to bridge the gap between IT industries and institutes. Our students are involved in Seminars, Workshops and National/International Industry visits. The students are taught to assimilate global development in education, adopt the latest technology, equip themselves with the realities of life and have practical accounting knowledge. The goal is to adapt and excel in the changing world of Computer Science. 

Skills Taught

Adaptability Skills, Innovation and Creativity skills, Leadership skills, Technological skills, Analytical skills, and Communication skills.  

Wondering How can I get admission in BCA? What is eligibility for BCA? Which is the best BCA colleges in Bangalore? Which college is better for BCA? Which is the best BCA course? Best BCA colleges in Bangalore? Click here for more details. 

Every student dream’ to be in the best BCA colleges in Bangalore or the top BCA colleges in Karnataka. To choose the top BCA colleges in Karnataka anTop 10 BCA colleges in India one must take the time and effort to tally out all their requirements including BCA placements and BCA eligibility criteria in the top 10 BCA colleges in Bangalore. We are sure that the best BCA college in Bangalore for you is NHCM and you must be a part of the department.  

What now? Check out the BCA admission date, BCA online form last date and BCA admission form last date while you fill in the BCA admission form of New Horizon College Marathahalli. 

New Horizon College Marathahalli has been one of the most sought-after and best commerce colleges in India. We make our students industry-ready, preparing them for the future. To know more about our commerce courses offered at NHCM click here. To fill the admission form into your dream college, click here 

We wish you all the best for your future! 

Dress Code

The following dress code must be adhered to by the students at all times within the campus premises:

For girls:

For boys:

Both Boys and Girls must dress in smart casuals.

The dress code must be strictly adhered to. The college reserves the right to restrict the entry of students not following the dress code.

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