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Feedback Collection Process
The practice of students feedback plays an important role in ensuring quality performance by the teaching resources. The practice of students feedback is the initiation by the IQAC. The institution has established a system of collecting feedback from the students in all courses once in a semester and twice a year. One during the beginning of the academic year and the other towards the end of the year. The feedback is collected online from each student through a built in feedback form which is password protected for each student. Students will respond to the structured questionnaire on certain key elements, such as, communication, subject knowledge, behavior, ICT usage, teaching methodology etc,. Feedback is considered only if a minimum of 70-80 % students participate in the feedback session.
Analysis of online feedback format
New Horizon College Marathalli,Bangalore
Faculty Name Subject 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Avg.
Earlier Sem Overall Rating
Question No Description
1 Clarity in explaining the subject
2 Subject explained was easy to understand
3 Content quality is relevant and useful
4 Faculty answers to your queries/questions
5 Coverage of topic/subject is on time
6 The concepts were explained with examples
7 Faculty preparation for the class
8 Faculty guidance for preparation of seminar, conference and exam
9 Punctuality of the faculty for the class
10 Communicates distinctly and effectively
11 Treats students with respect and courtesy
12 Control of the classroom by faculty
13 Relevance of assignments to the subject
14 Overall satisfaction
6 NA

Online Feedback format
NHCM Curriculum Feedback
Once feedback is collected it will be under the process of the faculty performance through some standard statistical tool applications. The collected feedback is analyzed by the IQAC and a detailed report is submitted to the principal.
Exit feedback (Alumni)
NHCM Curriculum Feedback
As the alumni is found to be the brand ambassador(s) of our institute, the feedback, of the alumni is given, due considerations. Our college encourages a strong and healthy association with the Alumni Club. A formal exit feedback is conducted by the Alumni association regularly at the end of completion of program. The consolidated feedback report would be submitted to the college authorities for taking cue of the positive performances and scope for improvement. The alumni has active representation in the college level Advisory Council.

Parents feedback
NHCM Curriculum Feedback As an important stake holder of this system, parent’s feedback are also obtained and analyzed. Some of the parameters accommodated in the parents feedback, include opinion on curriculum, quality of teaching, students’ discipline, sports facilities, lab facilities etc. In addition, parents meeting are also conducted by the individual department and their suggestions are received in the right spirit. By virtue of the composition of school advisory committee, parents are also members of the committee.
Faculty feedback
NHCM Curriculum Feedback After the introduction of CBCS structure individual faculty members were asked to express their honest opinion on the teaching learning process and Curriculum through a feedback form. A consolidated opinion was conveyed to the university through a mail.
Curriculum feedback
NHCM Curriculum Feedback Curriculum feedback focuses on development of quality in teaching and learning. Its objective is to understand the impact of curriculum on the holistic development of the students. Feedback is collected from students In regular intervals.
Rewards / Corrective Measures

Post feedback scores, The faculty is called in to have a discussion about the grading with the HOD and Principal for the betterment in their performance.

The best performed faculty members are encouraged with appreciation and are planned out to set new bench marks.

Members of the faculty, whose performance is poor, are advised based on their weak areas by HOD and Principal coupled with exclusive training programmes.

The faculty members are encouraged to participate in various Workshops/Training Programs/FDPs to enhance their skills. The institution organizes faculty development programmes regularly for improving their knowledge and teaching skills.