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RESATT Committee (Result and attendance improvement)

RESATT Committee (Result and attendance improvement)



The RESATT committee was formed in October 2014 with a view to monitor students and to improve their university results. Separate committee heads are appointed for BBA, B.Com and BCA. The main objective of the committee is to identify, counsel students who are very slow in learning academics and with less attendance. They are encouraged to attend the special classes and remedial classes conducted at the end of every semester. The committee meeting is held after the internal exam to discuss about the attendance and performance of the students.

Based on the performance the students are put under as Q1, Q2 and Q3.

To enhance exams results and ensure the physical presence of the students to maintain 75% of attendance to appear for the University Examination, the RESATT Committee was established. This committee aims in identifying the different types of learners and are classified them into Q1, Q2 & Q3.Q signifies the quality of the student, and based on the classification special care is addressed to every category by the respective subject teacher. Q1 -Advance learners,Q2-moderate learners & Q3-Slow learners. Based on this various quality initiatives are implemented. Every faculty members of our college support and give 100%of their contribution for the students to improve in the academic forum. Regular special classes are conducted after regular class hours.

Practice – The RESATT committee was established for the betterment & upliftment of students in academic forum. Students are mapped out according to their attendance status & internal exams conducted by the college. Based on which the cell classified in conducting classes in two categories which includes Connect hour for Q3 Students, & Reconnect hours for Q1 & Q2 students. Along with this the IQAC has initiated to have special coaching as crash course for students who misses out classes to participate in extracurricular activities.

Name of Committee/Cell Faculty In charge Faculty Members
RESATT, Result Analysis Ms. Serah Sudhin Ms. Syamili Mohandas

Ms. Suchithra Deviprasad

Ms. Sowmya H.L

Ms. Jayalakshmi