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Treasure hunt

Name of event : Treasure hunt

Club   : Adventure Club

Date : 21/06/2023

Cultural coordinator : Mrs Kampa Belliappa

Student coordinator : Mukund Krishna K, Sanjana Sarakshi

MOM ( minutes of meeting) : 4 meetings was held during the week before where all the volunteers were present a total of 8 for an hour each during which the events were methodically organized.

Event description :

On 21st June 2023 Adventure club conducted a treasure hunt competition, the theme being drug bust on account of drug day. The hunt was a competition played amongst students who were posing as undercover cops to find the suspects and the drug hidden in the campus. Total of 44 teams that participated in this event and each team consisted of 4 members who played tasks to get the next clue, there was total of 4 rounds played by each team and the final round was for them to find the password of the box where the drug was hidden, teams played against each other and completed the final round where the first team who figured the password won, it was a successful event conducted with the help of volunteers and in charge teaching staff.