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Guest Lectures (BBA)

Transformation of GST from 5 years

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Date :           15/12/22

Timings:  10 am.- 1 p.m

Title of the event: ““ Transformation of GST from 5 years”

Target audience: Final year B.Com, B.B.A, B.C.A

Venue: Main Auditorium

Organised by :  Guest lecture Committee in Association with IQAC

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Kokila M S

Student Coordinator: Vaishak, Rohan

About the session / Event

The Guest lecture is about the Transformation of GST from 5 years , was hosted by Guest Lecture Committee in association with IQAC. The Guest speaker of the Session is Additional Commissioner of GST, Karnataka, happily accepted our invitation to address the final year students of BBA, B.Com and BCA. The guest speaker introduce the concepts related to GST. Highlighted the importance of having GST implemented in India, its Journey and his role in implementing GST in Karnataka.  Also the speaker gave a practical session of filing GST . Overall the session was the opening insight for the students fraternity. Students were greatly benefitted from this session. Faculty members were also highly benefitted as indirectly everyone pays GST. Finally students thank the management, Guest Lecture Committee and IQAC for organising such a useful event at large.

Objectives if the session:

  1. To help the students to understand the concept of GST
  2. To highlight the importance of GST
  3. To help the students in understanding the GST filing process
  4. To make students realise the impact of GST in the country overall development

Outcome of the session:  Giving the students the opportunity to get to know and understand the concept of GST and its filing process. It enables students to understand the importance of Indian Government on implementation of GST.