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Date: 25th JAN 2023                                     

Time: 10:00 am TO 12:00 pm

 Title of the Event: The Symposium

Participants: 1st-year, 2nd year & 3rd-year B.COM, BBA, and BCA (244 participants)

Venue: Shaheed Hemu Kalani Block

Organized by: Management Club

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Aradhana Agarwal

Student Coordinator: Ms. Nidhi Singh

 About the Session/event:
“The aim of argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress”.

 A board meeting is a regular formal gathering of a board of directors to discuss a company’s strategic matters. This includes corporate policies and issues, company performance reports, and future endeavors. By covering all these points, the top management can evaluate and keep track of the company’s progress.

The objective of the event is to enhance confidence, communication skills, leadership quality, and thinking capacity. Speaking in group discussions is gradually bringing everyone into the mainstream by boosting their self-confidence.

There were 2 rounds conducted on 24th & 25th Jan 2023. 61 teams participated of which 5 made it to the finals. The topics were assigned in advance to the participants. In this event “The Symposium”, Dr. Sandhya from the MBA department and Mr. Arun Raghu Babu HOD of BBA were the judges. The participants were judged based on the criteria of analytical skills, decision-making skills, presentation, confidence, and contribution.