Disciplinary Guidelines for Students


  • Students must attend all the classes regularly as per the college schedule.
  • Students must be regular and punctual to all the classes and must secure attendance of not less than 75% in each subject as stipulated by the University
  • Students must behave in a highly disciplined and decent manner in the class rooms, campus, bus and hostel.
  • Usage of electronic gadgets like cell phones, tabs etc., in the college is an offence and if found, it will be confiscated/arrogated.
  • Students must not cause or involve in any unwanted gathering and create any sort of violence or disturbance both within and outside the college campus.
  • Students should not indulge in any activities inciting other students against each other/the Institution.
  • Students are strictly instructed not to indulge in Ragging inside the college or hostel premises and if found, he/she will be rusticated.
  • Students should not fight with each other or cause injury to others, if so, legal action will be taken against them which might result in dismissal from college.
  • Students are expected to behave in a manner that promotes the health and safety of the college and institution.
  • Students must compulsorily wear ID card right from entry of the main gate of the college and till such time they exit.
  • Students are expected to be professional and respectful of other students, instructors, and staff. That includes verbal and physical behaviour as well and language used
  • Carrying Weapons, Explosives, or Dangerous Substances and Devices that harms, threatens, reasonably causes fear, or otherwise endangers any person (including oneself) are considered to be illegal ,if found student will be dismissed.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs in the premises is strictly prohibited, students will be immediately dismissed from the college.
  • Students are expected to promote an educational environment that is free from all forms of sex discrimination, violence and gender-based.

Class Room Guidelines

  • Students are expected to be punctual for classes.
  • Attendance is compulsory for all classes. 75% attendance in each subject is mandatory to appear for the semester end examinations.
  • Dress Code – Students should be neatly and modestly dressed to the college.
    1. Boys are expected to wear self-coloured pants, T-shirts, jeans or formals with their shirts neatly tucked in. Shoes are recommended for footwear, slippers are not permitted. Boys are expected to come with a clean shave, neatly combed hair.
    2. Girls must wear a neat and formal dress code of Salwar kameez / Jeans with long tops only. Body defining or transparent dress materials are strictly restricted.
  • All the students should wear their ID Cards compulsorily while they are in the campus and class room. Violation will attract penalty.
  • Talking and other disruptive behaviours are not permitted while classes are in session.
  • Leave application will be accepted if the students have the actual attendance of 75% prior to the availing of leave.
  • When absence is caused by unforeseen events, application for leave must be submitted to the Head of the Department as early as possible. If the student fails to furnish the same, the student will not be allowed to attend regular class within the grace period of two days.
  • Application for leave of absence may be rejected by the Principal if he is not satisfied with the genuineness
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the classroom and in campus.
  • Food and beverages are NOT permitted in classrooms. Those must be consumed in designated areas only.
  • Students must mandatorily attend the internal test and preparatory examinations; students who do not attend, will not be permitted to appear semester exams.
  • Students must take part in the academic activities conducted by the college.
  • Students should not quarrel or fight either with their year mates or with the other students. Any damage to the property of the college – identified students / whole class / batch will be severely punished.
  • Physical assault, mental harassment or any other activities that are considered as Ragging, students will be immediately rusticated
  • Use of abusive / unparliamentarily words, misbehaviour, Inducing and provoking others to form groups among students will result in indefinite period of suspension
  • Class room property must be respected and kept clean. Any defacing/damaging/vandalizing of class room property, the identified student will be penalised and suspended.
  • During lecture the students should be attentive and must cooperate with the respective subject faculty members.
  • Student should bring required materials to class and assert yourself if any doubt or clarification to be done.
  • Destroying, defacing, stealing, or making inaccessible library or other academic resource material is considered to be Abuse of Academic Materials, strict action will be taken by the management.
  • A student suspended from a class is required to meet with the concerned faculty member, or Head of the Department before the student is permitted to attend the class
  • During PTM meet, the student must mandatorily bring their parents, in case if they are not able to attend the meet, prior intimation must be given by them to the class mentor, failing to do so, student will not be allowed to attend the classes.


  • A student shall be considered to have satisfied the requirement of attendance for the semester, if he/she has attended not less than 75% in aggregate of the number of working periods in each of the subjects and they will not be permitted to take up the University examination, if it is below the percentage specified.
  • University examination will be held at the end of each semester. The maximum marks for the university examination in each paper shall be 70
  • Of the 30 marks of Internal Assessment, 20 marks shall be based on two tests/preparatory examination. Each test shall be of at least 01 hour duration to be held during the semester. The average of two tests shall be taken as the internal assessment marks. The remaining 10 marks of the Internal Assessment shall be based on Attendance and Skill Development Record of 05 marks each.
  • Marks for skill development shall be awarded by the faculty concerned based on Skill Development exercises provided in the syllabus of each paper. The student is required to prepare/workout the concerned exercises in a Record Book maintained by him/her and shall submit it to the faculty concerned at the assigned date.
  • Candidates who have obtained a minimum of 35% marks in university examination (i.e. 25 marks out of 70 marks of theory examination) and 40% in aggregate (i.e., total of university examination and internal assessment marks) in each subject shall be eligible for a pass or exemption in that subject
  • The results of the First to Sixth semester degree examination shall be declared and classified separately as follows:
    1. First Class: Those who obtain 60% and above of the total marks of parts I, II and III.
    2. Second Class: Those who obtain 50% and above but less than 60% of total marks of parts I, II and III.
    3. Pass Class: Rest of the successful candidates who secure 40% and above but less than 50% of marks in part I, II and III.
  • Class shall be declared on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in this degree course (excluding languages (part I) and non-core subjects (Part III)) as a whole. However, only those candidates who have passed each semester university examination in the first attempt only shall be eligible for award of ranks. The first ten ranks only shall be notified.
  • Students facing challenges in any subject, must meet the concerned faculty and take up coaching classes and attend the remedial classes/connect hours to cope up with the university examination.
  • Students opted for value added programs must attend the classes compulsorily
  • Students are expected to adhere to University policies regarding Academic Integrity.