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Rural Industry visit

Date: 10/12/2022

Time: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM                                                                                 

Title of the Event     : Rural Industry visit

Target Audience      : V Sem BCom ‘C’ Section 68 students    

Venue                        : Himatsingka Seide, Dodballapur industrial area

Organized by            : Rural Entrepreneurial Development Cell

Faculty Coordinator: Ms.Sowmya.H.L

Student Coordinators: Subhashish Padhi


Introduction:   A batch of 5th semester students of BCom with faculty Ms. Sowmya.H. L and Ms. Madhushree.P visited Himatsingka Seide Ltd at Dodballapur in Bengaluru rural dist. This visit was mainly focused on to understand the various entrepreneurial opportunities available in rural area and the Government assistance available to rural entrepreneurs.


  1. I) About the company:

PROMOTER: – Dinesh Kumar Himatsingka

I) At Himatsingka, courage and imagination go together in the perennial pursuit of perfection. Through meticulous planning and rigorous execution, we turn dreams into reality. They basically work on north India side and have varieties of products manufactured and designed for USA based companies.

  • This industry consists of end-to-end business where in the raw materials are converted into finished goods and reached to the final customers.

It is also called as a composite industry [luxury products] as in products manufactured are: –

     curtains, cushions, chair covers, different varieties of fabrics, and bridal   gowns.

  • Raw materials are brought from Italy.
  • Silk 50% from China and Brazil and rest from domestic.


  1. II) Various customers: –
  • Domestic customers: Ambani, parliament and prime minister.
  • Foreign customers: White house, European palace.
  • They also sell multiple fabrics in UK, USA, German countries, and western Europe.
  • Thousands of colours, 100’s of textures.
  • Where in the Manufacturing cost stays between 3k- 5k and Final cost comes around 50k-60k per meter.


III) Location of the plant:

  • KIADB Industrial area, Dodballapur
  • The area covered by himatsingka is 27-acre land and consists of 500+ employees.


  1. IV) Departments:
  • Preparatory department:
  • It is also called as the primary production and semi-finished goods.
  • The white raw material is called as HANKA which is shipped from China which does not has any colour and is half white.
  • For the identification and traceability, food colour and lubricant are used.

2) YARN department:

  • In this department the raw silk is from China is converted into samples of fabrics.
  • They also include a cloud kitchen in this dept wherein they can provide varieties of colours to the customers such as it consists of 500 colours of red, 500 colours of blue, 500 colours of green and many more.

3) Inspection and packing department:

  • The fabrics are inspected twice and the defected materials are separated and are not recycled and been sell at lesser or cheaper price the inspecting is made 200% sure for satisfying the customers. Qualified inspecting is done by the senior workers and same designs are manufactured in multiple colours and sold in the market in all forms.
  • Then the packages are dispatched to different places in boxes according to the customer requirement.

Outcome of the visit:

Mr.Umesh Assistant General Manager there explained about the various facilities available from Govt to establish a business in rural areas such as seed fund, land facility, Plant facility , technical assistance, transportation etc., He also explained about the company products and different departments . The visit was useful for the students to understand all these concept.