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Rangoli Making Competition

Name of the event : Rangoli Making Competition
Name of the club : common event
Date and Time : 11/03/2020; 1:30 pm onwards
Venue : respective classes
Event Head : R Shirisha

1st place: IV BBA A, IV BCA A
2nd place: VI BCA
3rd place: VI BBA A

Event Description
The event Rangoli making competition took place on 11th march in the team’s respective classes at 1:30 pm. A total of 16 teams participated in the event showcasing their creativity and passion for art. Each and every rangoli design was unique, colorful and thoughtful along with a touch of teamwork. A registration fee of Rs. 50 was collected from each participating class and a cash prize of Rs. 650 was given to the winners in the following manner: 1st place received Rs 250 and 2nd place received Rs. 150. The rest of the funds collected, Rs.200, was used as funds for the student activity center.