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Guest Lecture on “My Journey towards Entrepreneurship”

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Date :  31/3/23

Timings:  12.30 – 1.30 Noon

Title of the event: Guest lecture on “ My Journey towards Entrepreneurship”

Target audience: First Semester M.Com

Venue: M.Com Class room

Organised by :  Guest lecture Committee in Association with IIC, IQAC

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Kokila M S

Student Coordinator: Vaishak, Rohan

About the session / Event

The Guest lecture committee in association with IIC and IQAC organised a guest lecture to First semester M.Com students on “ “ My Journey towards Entrepreneurship” “ on 31/3/23 . The major purpose of conducting this guest lecture is to create an awareness and success journey of a young Entrepreneur Ms Tarika, Sole proprietor of Tini mini chocalates, Tini Mini Event Management, Tini Mini collectables.

The resource person of the event was Ms Tarika, Director of Tini Mini . The speaker delivered the students her Entrepreneurial Journey, her achievements, how to get started with business, ups and downs of her entrepreneurial Journey. The speaker also motivated the students, and aspired them to take entrepreneur as a career choice.

Students were greatly benefitted out of it. Finally, students thank the management, Guest Lecture Committee and IQAC for organising such a useful event at large

Objectives of the session:

  1. To give an insight of taking entrepreneur as a career choice
  2. The Pros and cons of being an entrepreneur
  3. To give an eye opener by describing the speakers entrepreneurial journey..

Outcome of the session:  Giving the students the opportunity to get to know about the pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur. Risk taking, Commitment, Ready to work, curiosity are the key mantras to become an entrepreneur as told by the speaker .