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Guest Lectures (BCA)

Guest Lecture on “B2B Communication”

Session Duration: 2 hours

Time : From 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Date :14th JAN 2023

Venue : A204 Shaheed Hemu kalani block

Departmen : BCA

Resource Person : Mr. Ajay Kumar B

Senior Data Transformation and Data Movement Engineer perfTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Target Audience: V SEM BCA Students

Participant Strength :120

Faculty In charge  : Mr. Anoop A, Assistant Professor, BCA & Ms.Roopini J, Assistant Professor BCA dept
Objective of the Event:

B2B communication is essential for building and maintaining relationships with other businesses, as well as for the successful operation of supply chain management.

The IT Club of BCA Department organized a guest lecture on “B2B communication” on 14th Jan 2023. The guest speaker was Mr.Ajay Kumar, Senior Data Transformation and Data Movement Engineer, perfTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The session started with a welcome note and profile reading by Ms.Roopini J, Assistant Professor, BCA. Followed by, Dr.Nagaraju Kilari, HOD BCA addressed the gathering and gave a token of welcome to the speaker. Around 120 students along with the faculty members witnessed the session. Initially Mr. Ajay gracefully started a session through an activity to boost the interest of the students and gave the live example on how the B2B communication

works in real time. Mr. Ajay made the session very interesting by taking a real time case study on how the amazon B2B communication works. later, he gave a walk through a series of slides that helped them identify the steps involved. The session was concluded by clarifying students queries. Overall the session was fruitful.