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Date: 20/06/23

Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Event: Antakshari

Venue: Quadrangle

Target Audience: Faculty and Students

Faculty Coordinator: Mrs Suchitra Deviprasad

Student Coordinators: Head – Mr. Rohit Oscar

Sub Head – Ms. Sugita Keshavan

About The Event:

On 20th June 2023, at New Horizon College, The Music Club ALAAP conducted a fun filled competition of Antakshari, for all the students to build team spirit and showcase their musical knowledge. The event was filled with the enchanting tunes and different genres of music sung by our students.

The event consisted of four rounds;

Round 1: Basic Antakshari, the first song was sung by Mrs Kampa Belliappa our Cultural Coordinator and was continued by the students.

Round 2: Pick a Theme, students were to sing a song based on the theme written in the chit they picked.

Round 3: Pick a Letter, students were to sing the maximum number of songs they could, starting with the letter in their chit.

Round 4: Dumb charades, students were to enact and describe a movie to their teamates and if the guessed movie is right, they were to sing a song from the movie.

The Winners for the Event were

1st place: Abhirag Sharma and team

2nd place: Shivam Singh and team

3rd place: Radhika Bhat and team

Overall, the event was a memorable and exciting event for all the students and teachers.