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Workshop on Revised NAAC- SSR Proceedings

Participants : Teaching and Non-Teaching staff

Date : 12.01.2019

Venue : Room No: 106

Resource Person : Dr.Sajan, IQAC coordinator, SR College, Kannur Kerala.

Faculty in-charge : Ms. Shilpa Joshi

The workshop commenced with a welcome note by the Principal of New Horizon College, Marathalli Dr.R.Bodhisatvan. The speaker, Mr. Sajan began the session after the welcome address and envisaged that NAAC is an important phenomenon in internalizing and institutionalizing quality assurance.Over a decade of its operations, NAAC has made a significant contribution towards kindling and disseminating quality culture amongst the institutions that have been assessed and accredited. Heenlightened us the ways to prepare for the revised SSR proceedings. He mentioned that it plays a vital role in the growth of the institutions and individuals across the nation.

Mr. Sajan shared that the essential purpose of the accreditation process is to provide a professional judgment of the quality of a program and to promote institutional improvement. With these views Sir, made us to understand the relevance of participation in the roles, responsibilities and duties assigned to the memberstowards the Institutional Accreditation process.

Hegave us holistic view and its importance of theseven criteria as quality parameters into criterion-wise Key Aspects and guidance on the preparation of the DVV according to the new format. Sir, also made a mention that TeachingLearning and Evaluation, Student Support and Progression and the library infrastructure carried the highest scores for the accreditation.Faculty members from the sister concern also got the opportunity to be a part of the workshop which was enriching, valuable and informative.

The Principal and Staff expressed their pleasure attending the workshop and interacted with the resource persons during and after the session. The workshop ended withvote of thanks and the principal’s remarks on the importance of team work in the successful completion of NAAC. He expressed his gratitude to the speaker for gracing and sharing his valuable insight which was of tremendous value to the Institution in the process of Assessment and Accreditation.