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Who wants to be a Conquistador

Date: 13th December 2022

Time: 10:00 am TO 12:00 pm

Target Audience: BBA (40 participants)

Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall

Organized by: Management Club

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Aradhana Agarwal

Student Coordinator: Ms. Nidhi Singh

 About the Session/event:

Positive competition provides a great platform to display the knowledge and skills that one has amassed over the years. Achievement through competition can bring great imprints on one’s persona. Keeping this in mind, an event was organized named ‘who wants to be a conquistador’. It is a business quiz covering different topics under the purview of management.

The objective of this event was to test the participant’s knowledge of the Business World. The participants registered in pairs, in total the event had 20 pairs all from the BBA department.

There were two rounds in total, the first was conducted by displaying questions and providing four options for each question, time provided for answering each question was fifteen seconds. Four pairs qualified the first round and they were tested again in the second round which was rapid fire, participants answered as many questions as they could in one minute.

In the final round, two teams were competing for first place. Both the team showed good competition and hence, there were three tiebreakers conducted between team 10 and team 3 to announce the winner of the event.

First Place:-  Sri Sruthika  (I BBA B)

Varsha.P      (I BBA B)

Second Place:- Rishab Dave (III BBA C)

Sanjana Saraksh (III BBA D)