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The event was fun and learning version of extempore VOLTE-FACE. It was an individual participating event, all the participants got a chance to choose their topic on the spot, they got total 2 minutes to think about their topic, and total 2 minutes to speak about their on their topic.Each participants was supposed to change their sides from FOR the topic to AGAINST the topic in every 30 second. We had two time observer who pressed buzzer after every 30 second that was sign for participants to switch there side from favour to against. The topics were related to management and corporate world. Event was conducted in Chanakya Seminar Hall and was juged by Ms. Saumi Roy an assistant professor in department of management studies. The judgement criteria for this event was organisation of thought, delivery of idea, swiftness in shifting from For to Against, Confidence and Composure, voice and diction and overall performance. Total 24 student registered for the event.
Winners of the event
First place: – P. BHUVANESH REDDY (IV BBA C)
Second place: – KSHITIJ BAGRODIA   (II BBA B)

Third place:-     RAMYA R  ( II BBA C)