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Trip to The World Music Conservatory and The Indian Music Experience Museum

Date: 08/12/23

Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Title of the Event: Trip to The World Music Conservatory and The Indian Music Experience Museum

Venue: The World Music Conservatory,Malleshwaram

And Indian Music Experience Museum, JP Nagar

Target Audience: Students

Organised by :  Music Club

NHSAC Head: Ms. Kampa Belliappa

Faculty Coordinator: Mrs Poornima Prasad

Student Coordinators: Head – Ms. Sugita Keshavan

Sub Head – Ms. Shreya C J

About The Event:

On the vibrant day of December 8, 2023, the Music Club of New Horizon College ALAAP orchestrated an enchanting expedition to two soulful havens: The World Music Conservatory nestled in Malleshwara and The Indian Music Experience Museum situated in JP Nagar. This exuberant outing was a delightful invitation extended to all the students, brimming with the promise of musical immersion, embracing a total capacity of 50 seats on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

With eager anticipation, 49 enthusiastic students assembled at the college, their hearts humming with excitement as they boarded the meticulously arranged college bus, setting forth on their melodious journey promptly at 10:30 AM. Their anticipation ripened into exhilaration as they arrived at the first destination, The World Music Conservatory, at 11:45 AM. The Conservatory’s embrace unfolded, revealing an ensemble of jam rooms resonating with melodies, inviting the students to immerse themselves in the sheer joy of singing. A guided tour through the campus painted a vivid picture showcasing an array of diverse instruments, adding a symphony of understanding to their musical experience. Time danced past swiftly, and at 1:30 PM, the students bid adieu to this harmonious haven, en route to their second destination.

The wheels of the college bus whirred along the streets, carrying within it a chorus of eager voices, and promptly by 2:30 PM, they arrived at The Indian Music Experience. Here, tickets were tendered, granting passage to a realm brimming with the pulsating heartbeat of Indian musical heritage. The museum unfurled before them, three floors adorned with an orchestra of interactive exhibits, musical games, and multimedia spectacles that wove together the intricate tapestry of India’s musical evolution. Each student found themselves enthralled, engrossed in the creation of melodies, discovering and embracing their favourite genres amid the museum’s eclectic offerings.

The day crescendoed into a symphony of camaraderie and musical exploration, as the students, unified by their love for music, filled with the joy of shared experiences. Laughter, discoveries, and unforgettable moments wove a melodic tapestry of memories, etching an indelible mark on their collective journey. Ultimately, the trip orchestrated by the Music Club did more than introduce these students to the harmonies of music; it gifted them an ineffable sense of belonging, fostering connections and friendships that resonated harmoniously with the melodies in their hearts.