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The 3rd One Day National Conference, presented by IQAC, on the theme, TRENDS – Transcending the Realms to Enrich the Nations’ Developmental Strategies was organized and hosted on April 28, 2018 at the Shaheed Hemu Kalani Block, New Horizon College, Marathalli campus.

The Chief Guest and keynote speaker for the inaugural session, Mr. Vivek John Monteiro, Product Manager, Digital Core Banking Solutions, SAP Labs, spoke at length about technology driven disruptions, the opportunities that have opened up and also what the future may hold.

The technical session speaker, Dr. Bhavani Akkapeddi, Doctorate in Economics, provided the audience with invaluable insights on the ground realities, both good and bad, with regards to India’s growth and development, while also dwelling on the strengths of the Indian Economy. She also addressed the issue of formulation and implementation of reforms and strategies towards the development of the Indian economy.

Of the 80 research papers received, 45 papers were accepted and the same were presented in the post lunch session of the conference. The research papers presented by academicians, research scholars and students were all of diverse nature and background. Some of the notable sub-themes being artificial intelligence, big data, bitcoins, guerilla marketing, demonetization, forensic accounting, digital wallets, cashless economy, GST, crowd funding, people analytics and supply chain challenges.