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Time Out

Event Name:-Time Out



Target Audience:BBA, BCA & B.COM

Venue:Chanakya Seminar Hall

Organized by:Literary Club

Club Head:Swastik Dash

Faculty Coordinator:Ms. PurvaPaliwal

Student coordinator:Swastik Dash &NiraadBhuva

No. of Participants:8

Guest Details: N/A

Brief description of the event:An event where the participants take their own series of pictures and make a story out of them and recite it.


  1. To allow students to showcase and explore their creative and artistic capabilities.
  2. To help the students develop a structured manner of storytelling.
  3. To help the students enhance their public speaking abilities.
  4. To help the students develop an organized articulated manner of speaking.

The Literary Club in association with IQAC conducted an competition “TIME OUT – A Storytelling Event” on 08.01.2024. The competition took place in Chanakya Seminar Hall. The competition was based on a students presenting photographs taken by them and narrating the story behind those photos. Each participant had 5 mins to present their photographs and narrate their story behind it.  There were eight participants for the competition.

Activities Conducted: N/A

1st– Bibinbinu BCA 3rdSem

2nd– HimaniNim BBA 1stSem

3rd– Shan reji BCA 3rdSem