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Name of the event: Battle to the top
Club: Adventure club
Date and time: 21st February 2018, 2:30 PM
Venue: Quadrangle
Coordinator/s: Vishal, Chetan, Lohith

Event Description:
This was the first event conducted by the adventure club for this year. It was an obstacle course with couple of hurdles that had to be completed in the least time possible.

Participants had to hop through the boxes with numbers shuffled in it in an ascending order, then crawl through benches and dribble with a football through cones set up, and finally they had to pass through shuffled ropes without touching them and ring a bell at the end.

Winners :

Suhaas Kumar – 6th BBA[B]
Nithin Kumar M – 2nd BBA[B]
Rahul Gupta – 4th B.Com [P&G]

Name of the event: Business Quiz
Date and time: 19-02-2018 (10 AM – 1.30 PM)
Coordinator/s: L.R.SRINIVAS

Event Description:
The business quiz was concerning matters related to current affairs, taglines, connections, logo and personalities. The event had a total of 16 teams. There were 3 rounds.

Winners :

1st place – Anurag Basu (2nd Bcom Prof.) , Gourav Saram (2nd Bcom Prof.)
2nd place – Kosaleshwar S (4th Bcom P&G) , Sam D Joseph (4th Bcom P&G)
3rd place – Nishanth Kumar (4th BBA – B), Satyajith Nair (4th BBA – B)

Name of the event: Best Manager
Club: Epiphany – Literary Club
Date and time: 19th – 22nd February
Coordinator/s: Shephin

Event Description:
The event was spanned over 4 days :

1st day : Aptitude round
2nd day : Case study
3rd day : Presentation of a overnighter case study
4th day : Case study , auction round and stress round

Winners were selected on their abilities to handle stress and tackle the crisis thrown at them.

Winners :

1st place – Sohan Patel (4th Sem BBA B)
2nd place – Rahul A (4th Sem BCom E)
3rd place – Aman shah (6th Sem BBA A)

Name of the event: Conference
Club: Epiphany – Literary Club
Date and time: 20th February
Venue: Classroom 201
Coordinator/s: Jobin Jayan

Event Description:

A diplomatic competition. The participants represent a country as delegates and their job is to express their country’s policies and beliefs in an open forum. The participants were judged on their ability to debate and collaborate with other people while discussing social, economical and political issues.

The conference was a simulation of United Nation’s Disarmament and International Security Committee. The delegates were presented with two agendas : the escalation of the Syrian civil war and the Syrian refugee crisis. After discussion and debate, the two major countries and their allies came up with a resolution to solve the problem at hand.

Winners :

1st place – SYRIA (2nd BCA)
2nd place – IRAN (2nd B.com Executive)
3rd place – ISRAEL (2nd Bcom Professional)

Name of the event: Cooking without fire
Club: N/A
Date and time: 22nd February 2018, 12-30pm
Venue: Quadrangle
Coordinator/s: Kazim Mohammed N & Ujwala

Event Description:
The event was simulation of the master chef show, where participants were required to prepare food without the use of fire or any electrical appliances, nor pre-cooked food. This was challenge for the participants due to the limitations of dishes available for the category to prepare and make it creative as possible, as cooking itself is an art, and art is empty without creativity. In a show of enthusiasm and interest, all the 18 classes of NHCM took part in, to battle it out to decide who is the best. The event had a total of 53 participants, each team had unique and different dishes added to their table and menu. The participants were given a time limit of 90 mins to prepare and present the dishes to the judges.

Winners :

1st place – 2nd BCA
2nd place – 4th BCom P&G
3rd place – 2nd BCom Professional

Name of the event: Creative Writing
Club: Epiphany – Literary Club
Date and time: 20th February
Coordinator/s: Shephin

Event Description:
A personal creative writing challenge, participants were asked to make a list of five things they’re afraid of happening to them. They then had to write a story in which one of them happens to the character.

Winners :

1st place – Yashika Damodar 2nd Sem P&G
2nd place – Michelle Margret S 6th Bcom Professional
3rd place – Justin NS 6th sem BBA A

Name of the event: Imagination Factory
Club: Creativity Club
Date and time: 22nd February
Coordinator/s: Rachana DK

Event Description:
Imagination Factory was a competition to stimulate the creative instinct of an individual. It has 2 rounds. The first round was painting/sketching on the spot as per the topic given. In the second round, participants had to make a decorative item which could be hung anywhere.

Winners :

1st place – Gollaleshwar (2nd Sem Bcom Exec)
2nd place – Pooja (2nd Sem BBA – B)
3rd place – Aradhana (2nd Bcom)

Name of the event: JAM – Just A Minute

Club: Epiphany – Literary Club
Date and time: 19th February
Venue: Classroom 401
Coordinator/s: Salman

Event Description:
Participants contended with each other to speak continuously for a minute on a given topic. The challenge was speak impromptu, not to repeat and most importantly, not to stammer.

Winners :

1st place – Justin (4th BBA A)
2nd place – Prerna (6th BBA B)
3rd place – Gollelshwara (2nd Bcom Executive)

Name of the event: Tarana
Club: Music club
Date and time: 20/2/2018,12:30 – 4:00
Venue: Chanakya seminar hall
Coordinator/s: Anusha and Vivek

Event Description:
It was a solo and ground singing event out of which the ten best was chosen to the second round and the time limit was 2+1. In the second round, the participant had to pick a chit in which there was an artist’s name and he/she was supposed to sing a song sung by that artist in the given time.

Winners :

1st place – SAHIL 4TH BBA A
3rd place – SAGORIKA 6TH BBA B

Name of the event: Quick Feet
Club: Panache (Dance club)
Date and time: 20th February 2018
Venue: Quadrangle
Coordinator/s: Shreya R Bakale, Veeksha ponacha

Event Description:
A solo dance event to highlight the uniqueness of the dancer. The challenge was to dance to an unfamiliar tune and quickly understand the musicality and catch the beat.

A random song was provided to the participants, and they had to dance for the same song for 1 minute. One minute of the song can be from any part of it.

Winners :

1st place – Himshrota – 4th sem BBA(A)
2nd place – Chandana N – 6th sem BCom (P&G) , Jain Francis – 6th sem BCom (P&G)
3rd place – Tejus R – 6th sem BBA(B), Akaansh Adyaar – 6th sem BBA(A)

Name of the event: Spot Light
Club: Panache (Dance)
Date and time: 19th, 1:30
Venue: Chanakya seminar hall
Coordinator/s: Monisha S

Event Description:
Spotlight was a version of Talent Hunt. Participants were given 120 seconds to showcase any talent, and they were judged on the uniqueness of the talent. Dancing and singing were excluded from this event, and unconventional talents were brought to light.

Winners :

Diwas (2nd sem BCom P)
Martin (4th sem BBA A)
Mikhil (2nd sem BBA B)

Name of the event: The Big Picture
Club: Outreach
Date and time: 26/02/18
Venue: Respective Classrooms
Coordinator/s: Akaanksh Adyar, Rinith Kumar, Venkatraman

Event Description:
The Big Picture is a chance to help change the world. Participating classes will be challenged to find a solution to a social issue. Each class will need to help the masses understand the problem and provide solutions to tackle the same.

Winners :

1st place – 6th BCom (P)
2nd place – 6th BCom (P&G)
3rd place – 4th BCom P&G and 4th BBA A

Name of the event: B- Dumb
Club: Drama Club – Navarasa
Date and time: 21/02/18
Venue: Room no. 201
Coordinator/s: Vishwaraj Jadeja, Sahil Jhangra

Event Description:
The Event was conducted with 17 class participating out of 18.
Event consisted of 2 Rounds, the first round being “PICTIONARY”.

Round 1:
Teams were required to pick 5 words randomly and an individual had to draw on board to explain the word. Other 2 members had to guess the word. The team guessing the maximum words in minimum time qualifies for the next and final round.

Round 2:
9 teams out of 17 qualified for the Final Round i.e.,

Movie Round:
Team had to select a language from the 4 options provided: Hindi/English/Kannada/Telugu.

2 chits were to be picked by each Team and an individual from each team had to enact a Mime. Teams guessing maximum movies in minimum time wins the competition.

Winners :

1st place – 4th BCA
2nd place – 4th BBA A
3rd place – 4th BCOM P&G

Name of the event: Subtitle
Club: Media Club
Date and time: 22 February 2018, 12:30PM
Coordinator/s: Bhargav

Event Description:
Participants had to design a poster for the event and the best one was chosen as the official poster for Ethnic Day. Many color full posters turned up.

Winners :

1st place – 6th BBA – B
2nd place – 4th BBA – A
3rd place – 4th BCOM – P