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Shades of drama

Name of the event : Shades 0f drama
Date and Time : 05/02/2020
Venue : Respective class rooms
Event Head : Sadia Vali
Student Coordinators : Neha Unnikrishnan

Winners :First Place : IV BCOM ‘C’ (FUNNY), Second Place: VI BCOM ‘P’ (SILENCE), Third Place: II BBA ‘C’ (HORROR), IV BCOM ‘A’ (ARABIAN NIGHTS)

Event Description:
The event Shades of drama was conducted on 5th feb 2020. A week before the CR’s from each class were made to randomly select a chit from a bunch of topics (Emotions). This chit had the topic which their class would have to throw some light on by the means of dramatization and presentation. On the event day the judges were called to each class where the students would have to present their play. The students were allowed to dress up accordingly and decorate their classes. The judging criteria was presentation, drama and cleanliness of the classrooms.
The judges for the event was Ms. Selvarani , Mr. Rajesh , Ms. Alpa. A total of 14 classes participated in the event.