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Sargam National Intercollegiate Fest

Date: December 1st,2nd and 3rd 2023

Venue: New Horizon College

Target Audience: Judges, Teachers, Students Cultural Coordinator: Ms. Kamppa Belliappa Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Nischitha

Student Coordinators: Dhanyashri Marianna and Sanjana.S

The Sargam National Intercollegiate Fest held at New Horizon College from December 1-3, 2023, was a celebration of diverse talents and cultural expressions. Coordinated by Ms. Kamppa Belliappa, with support from Ms. Nischitha, and student coordinators Dhanyashri Marianna and Sanjana.S, the festival attracted participants and spectators from various colleges.

AVINYA Dance Club’s Dazzling Performances:

AVINYA Dance Club, representing our college, participated in all dance forms, showcasing their extraordinary talents in contemporary, folk, streets, and the mega event, “Ram Katha.”

Folk Dance – Theyyam:

AVINYA presented the traditional Hindu ritual of Theyyam, a captivating dance form originating from northern Kerala and parts of Karnataka. Choreographed by Avinash Sir, the 12-member team mesmerized the audience, winning the competition and demonstrating the rich cultural heritage embedded in the performance.

Streets Group Dance:

On the second day of the fest, the morning commenced with the ‘Streets Group Dance’ competition choreographed by Mr. Shiva. The dynamic performance, lasting 5:09 minutes, began with early western street visuals, addressing gun violence on youngsters, and seamlessly transitioning into an energetic and entertaining display. The charismatic costumes, with a red overlay and white/blue bottoms, paid homage to the 50 years of Hip Hop culture and its originators.

Mega Event – Ram Katha:

The highlight of the festival was the mega event, “Ram Katha,” held on December 2nd. Choreographed by Mr. Shashi, AVINYA’s 20-member strong team presented a captivating performance lasting (8+2) minutes. The narrative, depicting the story of Ramayana, was brought to life with realistic props, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Though the competition wasn’t won, AVINYA succeeded in winning the hearts of the spectators.

Contemporary Dance:

Choreographers: Ms. Midhila and Mr. Kiran

Participants: 11 talented dancers – Dhanyashri Marianna, Sanjana.S, Preethi, Radhika, Himani, Lalith, Ujwal, George, Krishna Kanth, Praveen, Mayukh

Duration: 5+1 minutes Performance Theme:

The contemporary dance unfolded a unique love story where characters from a book came to life. Choreographed imaginatively by Ms. Midhila and Mr. Kiran, the dancers took the audience on a journey as characters leaped from the pages, dancing in a cute and simple love story. Creative costumes and props accentuated the unreal quality of the performance.


In conclusion, the Sargam National Intercollegiate Fest at New Horizon College was a resounding success, bringing together a mix of traditional and contemporary dance forms. AVINYA Dance Club’s outstanding performances added an extra layer of vibrancy and cultural richness to the event, leaving an indelible mark on the judges, teachers, and fellow students.