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Report on IQAC Presents “Guest Lecture on Machine Learning and Application”

Session Duration : 3 hours                    

Time  : From9:30 AM to 12:30PM              

Date : 27th Nov 2021

Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall

Department : BCA

Resource Person :  Dr. Manohar N,

Assistant Professor, Vice Chairperson

Department of Computer Application

Amrita School of Art and Science, Mysore

Target Audience : I, III, IV Semester Students of BCA

Participant Strength : 150

Faculty In charge:  Mr. Annop A, Assistant Professor BCA dept, Ms. Achsah Susan Mathew,Assistant Professor BCA dept.

Objective of the Event:

  • Create awareness of how to use Machine language and its application in day-to-day data analysis
  • Machine Learning (ML) is the computerized approach to analysing computational work that is based on both a set of theories and a set of technologiesAnd, being a very active area of research and development therefore we at New Horizon would like to elevate the learning process to the recent trends

  • Helping the students to understand the nature of (human and other forms of) learning, and to build learning capability models and applications

The event began with inauguration of the IT club followed by a brief introduction on Machine learning by the resource person. Dr. Manohar N spoke about the importance of putting in the theoretical knowledge that we gained into practice, learning via modelling, observation and experiential learning in order to enhance professional growth.

Ability of a machine to improve its own performance through the use of a software that employs artificial intelligence techniques to mimic the ways by which humans seem to learn, such as repetition and experience Machine Learning (ML) is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which concerns with developing computational theories of learning and building learning machines is a recent trend the New horizon students were introduced through this well-structured   seminar organized by the department of Computer Application.

Machine learning seminar was divided into two sessions, first session was an introduction on why Machine Learning? What are the goals of machine learning?Why these goals are important and desirable. Second session was focused on the types of learning, data gathering, ML System designs and practical demonstration of fish sorting (Classifier) Algorithms.

Few topics discussed during the sessions are

  • Biggest confusion between AL vs ML vs DL
  • Traditional data and Machine Learning data gathering
  • How machine learns with experiences and previous patterns
  • Stages of Machine learning

Students also learnt that it is important to try and use the theoretical knowledge that they have gained at the degree period to grow personally as well as professionally. The seminar ended with the closing note positive feedback from the student and vote of thanks by the student coordinators.