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Date: 18th January 2024

Venue: Ravindra Kalakshetra

Cultural coordinator: Ms Kampa Belliappa

Teacher coordinator: Ms Nischitha

Student coordinator: Ms Hima HV Ms Likitha Mr Anish Ms Sirisha D


The LEO CLUB conference ‘PRAGYA-Knoweledge is power’ was held on 18th january from 9am to 1pm at Ravindra Kalakshetra organised by THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIONS CLUBS DISTRICT 317A LEO

DISTRICT 317A. 40 students of Elite Horizonte’s attended the session .


Dear Fellow Lions, Leos and friends in the cause of service. Warm greetings and best wishes. May GOD bless you and your family with lots of good health, peace, prosperity and wellness in life. At the very outset I would like to thank our dynamic and go getting District Governor Lion Suresh Ramu, pmjf for giving me an opportunity to serve as a Leo DC in one of the most prestigious district in our MD 317. Indeed, I am feeling very happy and proud to be in the Cabinet of the most happening District 317A. As we all know that this is the 106th year of our Lions Clubs International, doing yeoman services to the humanity. This year our International President, an energetic leader Lion Patti Hill pmjf, with the theme Changing the World has given us a call and looking forward to a sea change in doing things differently. Let’s take a lead from our IP and try to bring in creative and innovate ways in building relationships and providing leadership opportunities to the young and service oriented individuals in our organisation. Well, friends it is the time for festival of our Leo District, Leo Conference 2023-24, Time for yet another opportunity to rededicate ourselves to serve the humanity and build our image. Time for celebrations and togetherness. We, the Service oriented Lions and Leos of our District 317A are organising Leo Conference on Thursday the 18th Of January 2024 with the theme.

PRAGYA-knowledge is power:

A primary factor behind each successful person is knowledge, which signifies their capabilities towards achieving objectives and life goals.

Knowledge is Derived through Leaning and helps us in furthering our lives in a meaningful way. It also helps us deliver Servie To Humanity And Make The World A Better Place To Live. We should understand its significance and make the most of it by keeping ourselves updated and in a phase of constant learning. Knowledge and its application is what differentiates and makes humanity at the fulcrum of the animal kingdom. To make best use of knowledge and applying it when it comes requires the profound blessing of a guru. Eminent speakers will be invited to speak and motivate more on our Leo conference apart from the plethora of Lion Leaders from our District.

To make this program a grand success, we have our dynamic Chairman Lion K N Shivaprakash ably supported by the Host committee and guided by our mentor PDG Second Century Ambassador Lion Tallam Venkatesh. My humble request to all the lion and leos to register and participate in large numbers with your families families and make this Conference Conference Festival Festival a grand success success. I am eager to meet & greet you all with families families on 10 December 2023.

With Warm Regards

Yours in the cause of service Raghavendra S mjf

Leo District Chairman



DISTRICT GOVERNOR: The Lion Year 2023-24 has been an pride year for the Leo clubs, we have been successfully able to inject fresh energy into the Leo leadership. I am delighted to note that Leos of our District 317 A have crossed 1400 numbers from a mere 419 numbers at the start of the Lion Year. It is a proud achievement through hard work and efforts of all the Leo Advisors. Leo Conference is a good opporunity to share experience and network among fellow lions of the District, please join in full strength and make it a memorable event. I wish all the leos the very best for the remaining Lion Year.

MENTOR’S MESSAGE: Leoism embodies leadership, experience and opportunity for the youngsters in the age group upto 30 years of age. The opportunity is to create a Man / Woman out of you and develop your personality and to learn administrative skills. You will be involved in community activities done independently or assist the parent Lions Club. Spend your time to become a useful and honest Citizen and learn to become a HUMAN BEING and then a Professional. The exercise you learn is to see you as a prospective LEOLION and continue your service to the community. Good Luck to all the Leos.

1ST VDG MESSAGE: The Leo movement, a vibrant and dynamic youth program, is dedicated to nurturing the leadership skills and community service spirit of young individuals. This movement, a vital arm of Lions International, stands as a testament to the belief that even the youngest youngest members members of our society society can make a significant significant impact. The dedication and passion exhibited by Leos are commendable. I invite every Leo club of our District to consider participating the Leo Conference . Your stories of service and impact deserve a platform, and through this, we can inspire others to join this incredible movement for positive change. All the best for your future in service and studies.

2ND VDG MESSAGE: Our Leo club will provide a platform for personal growth and development. It will nurture leadership skills, foster teamwork, and encourage innovation. Where we will not only make a difference in the lives of others but also discover our own potential and capabilities. Don’t be afraid to dream big and pursue your passions. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, for it is through setbacks that we learn the most valuable lessons. Believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem. Together, let us make our Leo club a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

LEO DISTRICT PRESIDENT MESSAGE: Dear Esteemed Leo’s, As we stand on the precipice of the second half of this Leo Year, I am both honored and humbled to address a community of dedicated Leo’s. Our vision for the upcoming year is nothing short of ambitious and impactful. In the Leo Conference, let’s channel our collective energy towards service projects that resonate deeply with our community’s needs. It’s our time to shine, to lead with compassion, and to inspire change. Collaboration will be our superpower, as we seek alliances with local organizations to magnify our reach and impact. Participate in great numbers and make the event a great success Ln Tallam Venkatesh, pmj.


As Lions and Leos we already are under oath to serve the community, the Leo Conference brings in a component of Dedication to our motto.

Knowledge on how to do it is key to our success. On behalf of the Host Committee team, I earnestly request all the fellow lions and leos to give a registration of 100% towards the Leo Conference and encourage your near and dear ones also to join the occasion. Kindly donate whole heartedly and bring in as many sponsors as possible. Kindly participate in full strength with your family and friends and make this Leo Conference a memorable grand success. With Warm Regard.