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Poster Making Competition

Date: 21st December 2022

Time: 12:30 PM onwards                          

Title of the Event: Poster Making Competition 

Target Audience: All students of BBA, B.Com & BCA (Marathahalli) 

Venue: Shaheed Hemu Kalani Block-Quadrangle  

Organized by: Anti Sexual Harassment Cell 

Cell Head: Ms. Serah Sudhin 

Event Coordinator: Ms. Roopini J  

Student Coordinator: Ms.Jaishnavi ,Mr.Gokul & Ms.Aishwarya  

 About the event: 

To spread awareness and to stop discrimination against women Anti Sexual Harassment cell of New Horizon College has organised a poster making competition on the theme “Shatter the Silence, Stop the Violence” on 22nd December 2022 at 12:30 noon. 

 This cell promotes measures aimed at achieving gender equality, removal of gender bias or discrimination, sexual harassment, and other acts of gender-based violence by organising awareness programmes and campaigns for the benefit of all members of the College. The cell invited students from the streams of  

BCA, BCOM and BBA to participate, rise up and compete in the competitions based on the themes and subthemes. 

 The theme of the poster-making competition were “Awareness on Bullying and Sexual Harassment in Institutions”, “Eve Teasing and its impact on Adolescents” and “Awareness on sexual harassment of students in public transport” in which 37 teams participated and through their posters showed what is it like to face harassment and eve teasing in the workplace and public transport. 

 The event was hosted by Ms.Jaishnavi [III sem BCA ‘A’]. The faculty coordinator of the event was Ms.Roopini J, Assistant Professor, BCA. The event was coordinated with Cell head Ms.Serah Sudhin and cell members. The judges of the event were Dr. Kalaivani D, Associate Professor, NHCE and Dr. Rajalakshmi Ghatkamble, Associate Professor, NHCE. 

 The winners of the event were 1st Place-Ms. Angel [III Sem BCA ‘A’], Ms. Madhimitha [III Sem BCA ‘A’],  and Mr. Akhil [III Sem BCA ‘A’].  2nd Place- Ms. Minushree [I Sem BBA ‘A’], R. Sahana [I Sem BBA ‘A’],and Ms. Nischala[I Sem BBA ‘A’]. 3rd place- Ms. Gloria [I Sem BBA ‘B’], Ms. Priyadarshini [I Sem BBA ‘B’] and Ms. Keerthi [I Sem BBA ‘B’]. Overall the event was interesting and successful.