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National Sports Day interclass online Chess tournament 2020


National Sports Day in India is celebrated on 29 August, on the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyanchand who won gold medals in Olympics for India in the year 1928, 1932 and 1936. He score 570 goals in his career, from 1926 to 1949 (according to his autobiography, goals)

Chess is a two player strategy board game played on a checkred board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 square grid. Played by millions of people worldwide, chess is believed to be derived from the Indian game chaturanga sometime before the 7th century.

New Horizon College Marathalli, celebrated the National Sports Day on 29th August 2020. on this occasion   Department of Physical Education had organised Inter class online Chess tournament on 29-08-2020.   60 players were participated from various departments like BBA, BCA and B.Com.


Conducted this tournament through Lichess.org website, ranking of players are mentioned below

Winner – PARAG SHETTI  B C A 2nd year

Runners-up– SYED AMEEN B.Com 3rd year

Second Runners – up – EVL SUMA BBA 3rd year


First Name Last Name Class USN E-Mail Lichess.org – ID
Anurag Basu Mallick VI BCOM (P) 17VFC41019 anuragbm2015@gmail.com
Yashwanth C B.com “c” C1847399 yashuyuvi2000@gmail.com yash9741
Parag Shetti BCA B(2ND YEAR) R1919268 paragshetti2@gmail.com parag_shetti-2
Evl Suma Bba 5th sem B1821045 ennamurisuma@gmail.com Suma_ennamuri
Sushmitha Anand 3rd Bcom c C1949375 Sushmithaanand422@gmail.com C1949375
Sagar Patil B.com b C1847306 sagarpatil11899@gmail.com Sagar04patil
Ashutosh  Panda B. Com ‘A’ C1847220 0603ash@gmail.com Ashu0603
Sandhya D Bca R1919226 Kopithad@gmail.com Chess
C Vikas Gowda BBA B1821171 Vikasgowda542@gmail.com Vikasgowda001
Luke Antony BCA ‘A’  Section R1819244 lukeantony157@gmail.com lukeantony_157
Sumanth Reddy 6th(semester) BBA-B 17VFC26131 sumanthreddy395@gmail.com mr_sumanth
Akshara Reddy BCA 5 sem R1819207 aksharareddy1903@gmail.com R1819207
Sushmitha S 5th BBA A section B1821154 Sushmithasatish25@gmail.com https://lichess.org
Siri G 3rd BCA  ‘B’sec R1919300 Sirig0190@gmail.com SIRIG_NHCM
Basanthkumar Mandal B B.com basanthkumar456@gmail.com C1847222
Syed Ameen Bcom 6th sem (E) 17vfc41176 ameenahmed580@gmail.com A
P J ASHWIN KUMAR 3rd bca R1919257 ashwinf58@gmail.com
P j Ashwin Kumar 3rd bca b R1919267 ashwinf58@gmail.com Ashwinf58
Reshma Bai Bcom ‘B’ C1847329 Reshmareshu0906@gmail.com Reshma
Prajwal  K m Bcom b C1847312 prajwalpraj1164@gmail.com Prajwal
Syed Ameen 6th bcom (E) 17vfc41176 ameenahmed580@gmail.com Syedameen09
pavan kumar B.com C1847307 hgpavankumar224@gmail.comc C1847307
Siri G 3rd BCA  ‘B’sec R1919300 Sirig0190@gmail.com SIRIG_NHCM
Uttam Kumar BCA R1819283 uttamkumar0270@gmail.com uttamera027
Chethan M BCA R1919224 chethan9972370357@gmail.com Chethan_M
Sindhu .M 5 BCOM ‘C’ C1847355 11133newyork@gmail.com
Sanjay Kumar 3rd sem ‘c’ C1949356 Sanjaykumar27052000@gmail.com Sanjay_Kumar_M
Sanjay Kumar 3rd sem ‘c’ C1949356 Sanjaykumar27052000@gmail.com Sanjay_Kumar_M
Niveditha K Bcom b C1847301 Niveditha.k64@gmail.com Nive@ditha
Sushmitha k Sushu 2bcom C1949374 Sushmithasushu@gmail.com Sush_mitha