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National Girls Child Day – 2019

Date: 24TH JANUARY 2019


Title: National Girl Child Day 2019
Date: 24-01-2019
Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall
Coordinator: Ms Vani Dhawan (Anti Sexual Harassment Cell)

National Girl Child Day 2019 was celebrated nationwide on Thursday, the 24th of January with theme of “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”. Many programmes were organized for the occasion including a campaign on savingthe girl child, an awareness of current child sex ratios and the many ways of creating a safe and healthy environment for a girl child. New Horizon College, Marathalli, too celebrated the National Girl Child Day in the Chanakya Seminar Hall. The grand commencement of National Girl Child’s Day in this college began with the distribution of a pink ribbon cross to all the teachers as well as a few students by the creative and photography team.Aninspirational speech about girls/womenwas given by the HOD Ms Greeshma Francis. The event ended with a group photograph of all the teachers, with the digital poster of National Girl Child Daymade the media team in the background. The event was put together by Anti Sexual Harassment Cell (Ms Vani Dhawan) and NHSC.