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Date: 31st January 2023

Time: 9:00am -11:30 am

Title of the Event: Mock Stock 

Venue: Shaheed Hemu Kalani Block 

Target Audience: lll year BCOM A,B,C 

Organized by: Commerce Club

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Suchitra Deviprasad

Student Coordinator: Mr. Purushotham S , Mr. Ujwal Gowda & Ms. K Monika

About the event:

Commerce Club in association with IQAC conducted Mock Stock for lll year B.COM students.


  1. How to do Virtual Trading
  2. How to invest in land and gold
  3. Pros and cons of investing
  4. Meaning of candlestick in trading

An IQAC Initiative , COMMERCE CLUB conducted “Mock Stock” session in Shaheed Hemu Kalani Block on 31/1/ 2023. There were around 80 students who had registered for the session.The speaker of the session was Mr. Anushruth Manchi who is the co-founder and director of Trading Minds.


The students got a knowledge on virtual trading and the right way of investing. They could also practically learn how to trade in stocks and learn about the candlestick in trading.