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Minutes of Meeting

Proceedings of the meeting Eco club , held on 28/12/2023

Venue : Chanakya seminar hall

Time: 12:00 pm

Members Present/Absent
Sl.NoName of the MemberDesignationSignature
2Arun Raghu Babu


Coordinator & HoD- BBA

3Ms.Prasanna PrakashHoD- Bcom 
4Dr.Nagaraju KilariHoD- BCA 
5Ms.Kampa BelliappaCultural Committee Head 
6Ms. Kushala V Reddy Ms. Sanjana NaikStudent coordinator 

Points discussed during the meeting

  • The meeting was conducted on 28th December 2023 by the faculty coordinator and the committee members to discuss about the events to be conducted on 28th December
  • In the meeting the events to be held on the 28th December 2023 Bag Craft
  • Under the supervision of Faculty Coordinator, Student Coordinators and members decided to conduct a photography competition .
  • The rules, regulations and timings of the competition was decided, the participation form for the target audience was discussed
  • The meeting concluded with the delegation of work to each member to make the event a successful one.