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Mini Militia Tournament

Name of the event : Mini Militia Tournament
Club : Media Club
Date and Time : 31/01/20, 1:30-2:30pm
Venue : Room 005(quadrangle)
Event head : Karthik Iyer
Coordinator : Ankit Kumar, Rahul Nishad , Shivam Tomar

Winner : Nikhil (2nd Sem Bcom)

Event Description:
The event was held as a fund raiser for Tarang 2020. A total of 60 students participated and an amount of Rs. 600 was raised. The registration fee was 10 Rupees and the winner received 100 Rupees as the cash prize. An amount of Rs. 500 was used for conducting the event, Game on in
Tarang. The event was based on a mobile game “Mini Militia” which was played using LAN.