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Meme-ing of Life ( Tarang 2020 )

Name of the event: Meme-ing of Life ( Tarang 2020)
Name of the Club : Media Club and Photography club
Date and Time : 03/02/20, 12:30pm
Venue : Room 005(quadrangle)
Event head : Karthik Iyer
Coordinator : Shivam Tomar

Winners :

1st Place: Paul Danny ( IV sem BBA ‘b’)
2nd Place: Uttam (IV sem BCA)
3rd Place: Sai Sharvani ( IV sem BBA ‘c’)

Event Description:
The event was held for Tarang 2020. In it, participants were to click pictures inside college and use them in a meme of their own. The rules were that the pictures had to be clicked in college and there should not be any type of vulgarity or any offense to the college or the college name. A total of 19 students participated. They were judged on the original picture clicked and if the meme was funny or not.