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Kannada Debate

Name of the event: Kannada Debate
Name of the Club : Literary club
Date and Time : 05/02/2020; 10:50am-1:00pm
Venue : Chanakya seminar Hall
Event head : Bollamma P A
Coordinator : Manjunath P Shetti

Winners :

Winner – Pragathi ( BCOM IV B)
Runner Up 1 – Adhithya (BCOM VI E)
Runner Up 2 – Harini ( BCOM IV A)

Event Description:
The Kannada debate is a Literary club event in which participants were allowed to showcase their Kannada communication skill by debating with opponents. The minimum time limit was two minutes and the participants were asked to talk fluently in kannada. This event mainly tests the communication skill, fluency, body language and the deliverance of the content. In due consideration with the abovementioned criteria, the respected judges, Mr. Sri Ram and Ms. Sowmya selected the winners. There was a total 46 participants.