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ISDC- Study Aboard- Session on Higher Education

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Date: 27th December 2022                                       

Time: 10:00 am TO 12:00 pm

Title of the Event: Study Abroad- Session on Higher Education

Participants: 3rd year BBA, BCA (327 students approx)

Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall

Organized by: Management Club

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Aradhana Agarwal

Student Coordinator: Ms. Nidhi Singh

About the Session/event:

In today’s global world, international exposure is considered as an essential requirement. International exposure brings in rich experience in terms of building new skills, language, cultural sensitivity, and holistic learning. The event was conducted by Mr. Sreyas Manoharan P, working as Global Career Specialist at International Skill Development Corporation.

The objective of this event is to help our students to gather information about the opportunities available abroad in terms of studies and work.

Mr. Sreyas Manoharan P guided our students about the ease with which the students learn and earn to supplement the fees they have to pay for their education. This experience of working along with studying helps them to get the full- time placements.

He also addresses our students about the educational qualification required, the documents required, and the approximate cost for courses abroad.

This session provided fruitful information to our students and guided them about the possibility of making their future by studying abroad and looking for job opportunities outside of our country.