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Intercollegiate Participation by – ‘ALAAP’ Music Club

On the sunny and promising morning of July 15th, 2023, The Music Club of New Horizon College, lovingly known as ALAAP, embarked on a musical adventure to The International School of Management Excellence. This musical journey was marked by a series of electrifying and diverse events that showcased the immense talent and passion of the ALAAP members.

The day unfolded with a sense of excitement as the ALAAP team prepared to participate in various musical competitions at The International School of Management Excellence. The primary objective of their participation was not merely to win trophies but to offer students an invaluable opportunity to gain exposure and build confidence in performing on a new and unfamiliar stage.

The first event, the group singing competition, was a testament to the unity and harmony that music can create among individuals. ALAAP members came together as a cohesive ensemble, their voices blending in perfect synchrony. The audience was spellbound by the beautiful melodies that emanated from the stage. It was more than just a performance; it was a heartwarming display of solidarity through music, leaving a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to be present.

Following the group singing performance, it was time for the talented soloist, PK Sankeerth, to take the stage. With an abundance of musical talent and unwavering dedication, PK Sankeerth captivated the audience with his soulful and heartfelt rendition. His performance was not merely a showcase of his vocal prowess; it was a profound expression of the passion and commitment that ALAAP members held for music.

As the day continued, the atmosphere crackled with energy during the eagerly awaited Rap Battle, featuring Nikith SN, also known as “Lil Nik.” With lightning-fast verses, clever wordplay, and an undeniable stage presence, Nikith SN left the audience awestruck. His performance was a testament to the diverse and dynamic nature of modern music, showcasing how rap and hip-hop could captivate hearts and minds.

Beyond the competitive aspect of the day, the overarching goal was to provide students with an enriching experience that would enable them to explore new horizons and develop the confidence to perform on unfamiliar stages. The event served as a stepping stone for the young artists, fostering their self-assurance and providing a platform to express themselves through music.

The day was not solely about competition; it was a celebration of creativity, talent, and the sheer joy that music brings to our lives. Students from various colleges came together, forging connections that transcended institutional boundaries. It was a day that showcased the power of music to unite people and create lasting bonds.

In the end, whether participants walked away with trophies or not, they gained something immeasurable—the confidence to step onto new stages, the joy of making music together, and cherished memories of a day filled with music and camaraderie.

The Music Club ALAAP’s participation in these events not only demonstrated their musical prowess but also their commitment to nurturing the next generation of performers. It was a day where music served as a bridge, bringing individuals together and leaving an indelible impact on everyone involved. It reinforced the notion that music is more than just an art form; it’s a universal language that connects hearts and minds, creating moments of pure joy and unity.