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Industrial Visit to Bisleri Factory

An industrial visit was organised on 26thApril 2019 for the students of 4th semB. Com to Bisleri International Pvt.Ltd. at Devanahalli. Ms.Amudhasarala accompanied the students. The session began at 12:00pm. The students were divided into three batches. Each batch was led by an executive professional. The students were first taken to the Rain water Harvesting lake. This lakeis the source of raw water and has recharging shafts. This water would later form the underground water which would be pumped to the water tanks. The purification process begins here. The water would be further treated and all sand particles mixed with the water is removed. The water is then sent for Ozone treatment which shall destroy all the bacteria’s and virus in the water.Ozone treatment avoids chemical treatment of water. After which the water is moved to a carbon filter where the pesticides, colour and odour if any shall be removed. This is followed by the next stage where the excess salt and minerals in water is removed making the water soft and drinkable. The minerals are then added to the water to bring in taste and goodness.Then the water is moved to the Ro unit. After this the students where taken to the bottle manufacturing unit. Only use and throw bottles were manufactured here.The process of manufucturing was briefly explained to the students. The raw materials required for the bottle would be purchased from approved and standard vendors. Then through heating process they would be given the shape of a bottle. The students where then taken to the packing plant. According to the information provided by the company`s executive, the company follows two ways and one-way packing systems for the twenty litre can based on the requirement in the market. In case of two way packing the can is returned back to the company after the use. These cans are sent for odour test before reusing. In case of any defect found the can shall be scrapped.

Then the students were taken to the unit where the filling, labelling and packaging of the bottles took place. The bottles were washed for 14 seconds before they were filled. The water which over flowed would be sent back to the purification plant and the process would start all over again. This process was followed by safety sealing and labelling process. The bottles which were ready for use would be now be arranged in carton boxes after which they are manually palettized according to the stock keeping unit.

The executive professional said that the water was also tested in external laboratories and a daily check on the quality of the water would be done every day in the internal laboratories as well. After this the students were taken for a small presentation where a brief explanation was given on the history and working of the company. Finally, all the students were given a water bottle and a juice bottle as samples to get the real feel of purity inBisleri.

Out come of the Industrial visit

• Students were able to understand advantages of ozone treatment on water.

• Understand various marketing skills involved in promoting water.

• Gain information regarding the working of a water plant.

• Analyse the importance of rain water harvesting.

• Acquire reasonable knowledge regarding the working of a packaged drinking water plant.