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Name of the event: IN PURSUIT OF DISPUTE (Debate)
Club: OUTREACH – Management Club
Date and time: 14th August 2018; 12:30pm-3:00pm
Venue: Chanakya ROOM-1 (201)
Coordinators: Anurag Basu Mallick
Sub-Coordinator: Tharun R
Participants: 21


1st Place: Suchitra, I-BBA C
2nd Place: Neha, I-BBA B
3rd Place: Harikrishna, I-BBA B

Event Description: The Outreach Club headed by Praveen Haridas coordinated by AnuragBasuMallick and Tharun R organised a debate competition – IN PURSUIT OF DISPUTE. We received a huge response for the event from the students. Their debating skills were monitored by Ms. Prasanna Prakash and Ms.Manjula.

There were two rounds: random dual between the participants and choosing topics on the spot. The second and final round named “Champions vs Challengers” saw a panel of seasoned moderators posing questions and grilling the finalists after which five participants were shortlisted. The event observed various topics that give insights to the happenings of the society and various current affairs. The senior students gave a demo of 1 on 1 debate to highlight the quintessential calibre to be possessed by a debater.