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Date: 24th MAY 2023                                 

Time: 11:00 AM 

Title of the Event: IMPRINTS

Venue: MBA Seminar Hall

Organized by: Fashion Club

 NHSAC Head: Ms. Kampa Belliappa

Club Head: Ms. Roopini J

Student Coordinator: Ms. Priyanka & Ms. Hindu Priya C V


A fashion walk is a curated runway presentation where models strut to showcase the latest trends and designs. It’s a dynamic event that captures the essence of a designer’s vision and sets the stage for unveiling cutting-edge collections. Bringing together industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts, these walks play a pivotal role in shaping global style trends. In a brief yet impactful spectacle, fashion walks seamlessly blend artistic expression with wearable innovation, making them a central element of the fashion industry.