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Human Resource, Tarang

Name of the event : Human Resource, Tarang
Name of the Club : Epiphany- Literary club
Date and Time : 06/02/2020, 10.50 am -2.30 pm
Venue : Chanakya Seminar Hall
Event head : Ardra Asok
Coordinator : Samiksha

Winner – Anish & Sunil (VI BCOM P&G)
Runner Up 1- Karthik Iyer & Adarsh (VI BCA)
Runner Up 2 – 1.Manoj Prabhakar & Kevin Saji (II BBA ,B), 2.Hari Krishna & Neha (IV BBA,B)

Event Description:
The event was all about students having to handle human resource crisis with knowledge and wit. The judge for the event was Manjula ma’am. The panel consisted of consisted of 4th and 6th semester students who’re to pose as employees. It consisted of two rounds- a preliminary round, wherein the participants were given a case study on predicaments of employees and had to interact with the panel and address their issues in the most viable manner. For the main round the participants were given examples of human resource crisis around the world, on which they had to make a power point presentation and come up with a solution for the same. There was a total of 22 participants.