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HUDDLE – your pretrial talk

Date: 20th June 2022
Title of the Event: HUDDLE – your pretrial talk
Target Audience: BCOM, BBA and BCA students
Mode: Offline
Organized by: Commerce Club
Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Jyothi Priya R and MS. Eshwari B
Student Coordinator: Ms. Ashwini.S , Ms.K Monika, Ms.Anjana and Ms. Madhu Shree M

About the Session/event:

“Commerce is the art of exploiting the need or desire someone has for something”

Commerce Club in association with IQAC organised an event named “HUDDLE”- ‘Your Pretrial Talk’. A group discussion on 20th June 2022. The event started at 1.30 pm with 54 registrations (30 students from BCOM, 20 students from BBA, and 6 students from BCA) and was held till 3 pm, the 1st round took place in room no 104, 107 and 108, where each class contained about 8 participants after the initial screening from the registered participants and the best 4 were qualified for the 2nd round, the 2nd round was held at quadrangle out of 12 participants, 3 were decided as winners, the judges for first round were Ms. Prasanna prakash, Ms. Ruchi vohra, Ms. Serah Sudin, Ms. Charolin Chris, Ms. Lubasha , Ms. Jayalakshmi, Ms. Karthika and the judges for final round were Ms. Prasanna Prakash, Ms. Ruchi vohra, Ms. Serah Sudin, Dr. Arun Raghu Babu. The participants were judged on the basis of their communication skills, body language, knowledge of the subject and problem solving ability, the event was a grand success and also helped the participants to build a confidence to ace their placement group discussion.