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Guest Lecture on “ HR Contemporary Practices in Corporates”

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Date : 19/6/23

Timings:  10.30 am – 11.30 a.m

Title of the event“ HR Contemporary Practices in Corporates”

Target audience: Final year B.Com, B.B.A,

Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall, Shaheeb Hemu Kilani Block

Organised by :  Guest lecture Committee in Association with IQAC

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Kokila M S, Ms Sunitha Paramesh

Student Coordinator: Ms Jyothi Mallik

About the session / Event

The Guest lecture is all about the HR contemporary practices in Corporates. It becomes in evitable that the final year students going to face the corporates in few days to go. Keeping that in mind, Guest lecture committee in association with IQAC organised this event .The guest speaker of the event Mr. Santosh Sunder is working with Accenture as Human Resource Learning and Content Delivery. The Guest lecture committee rightfully judge him as the apt resource person as HR is his core domain. The speaker was expertise in the field of HR, explained our students what are the practices to be followed in the corporates. He spoke on the following: Hiring, Training program, compliances, Reward, recognition, engagement, Work safety , flexibility , transparency in work place and the role of effective communication with the superiors and Subordinates. Students were greatly benefitted from this session. Faculty members were also highly benefitted . Finally, students thank the management, Guest Lecture Committee and IQAC for organising such a useful event at large.

Objectives if the session:

  1. To help the students to understand how HR department in Corporates function
  2. To highlight the importance of HR in corporates
  3. To make students understand the contemporary practices followed in HR

Outcome of the session:  Giving the students the opportunity to get to know and understand the HR practices in corporates. It enables students a broad knowledge on how to work under teams, and follow compliances, and communicate effectively.