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Guest Lectures (BBA)

Guest Lecture on Financial Literacy

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Title of the Lecture : Financial Literacy

Venue : Chanakya Seminar Hall, New Horizon College

Resource Person : Ms. Soumya Anand

Faculty in-charge : Ms. Sowmya, Ms. Manjula,

A session on Financial Literacy was held on 10th Feb, 2019 for the students of VI sem BBA and BCom students. The resource person of the day was Soumya Anand who began with the quote – “An Investment in knowledge gives the best interest”. The lecture focused on the importance of saving and making investments. She also stressed on ‘money mistakes’ one makes in life, how to manage finances, how to resist temptation andof buying commodities based on urgency and importance. She also spoke about ‘Smart Borrowing’ which included awareness on charges, needs and credit history. She also gave an insight into‘Savings versus Investment’ and its mantras. She quoted – “Investment is not a skill, it’s a habit.” The session ended with a video and helped the students gain a thorough knowledge about the Mutual Funds. Eighty five students from BBA and fifty-five from BCom attended the session.