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Guest Lectures (BBA)

Guest Lecture on “ Careet Prospects – Students Perspective

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Date :  14/12/22

Timings:  10 am.- 12 p.m

Title of the event: “ Careet Prospects – Students Perspective

Target audience: Final year B.Com, B.B.A, B.C.A

Venue: Main Auditorium

Organised by :  Guest lecture Committee in Association with IQAC

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Kokila M S

Student Coordinator: Vaishak, Rohan

About the session / Event

This session is related to the career guidance where the speaker was Mr Babu Koshy. The guest speaker started with a question of what was the career goal back in young age and now, what lead to change of that goal with time. He explained the topics of internship and its importance, inter personal skills, placements. It was two way communication between the guest speaker and the audience. There were activities between the sessions like aptitude etc. He told his stories of experience in respect to his career journey. The guest speaker told to the audience what is important during the placements like group discussion and grooming and interviews having a process of technical and HR round. Lastly, he concluded with the question of how? Instead of what? And the event was ended with a Q&A session.

Objectives if the session:

  1. To help in the proper choice of careers:
  2. To help in the proper choice of courses:
  3. To help the students in vocational development:
  4. To develop readiness for choices and changes to face need challenges.

Outcome of the session:  Giving the students the opportunity to get to know and understand yourself and the world of work in detail, and thus helping you make more informed and meaningful career decisions.