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Guest Lecture on “ Career Guidance for RBI, SEBI & NABARD”

Poster career guidance

Date : 31/3/23

Timings:  10.00 am – 11.00 am

Title of the event: Guest lecture on Career Guidance for RBI, SEBI& NABARD

Target audience: First Semester M.Com

Venue: M.Com Class room

Organised by :  Guest lecture Committee in Association with IQAC

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Kokila M S

Student Coordinator: Vaishak, Rohan

About the session / Event

The Guest lecture committee in association with IQAC organised a guest lecture to First semester M.Com students on “ “ Career Guidance for RBI, SEBI & NABARD” “ on 31/3/23 . The major purpose of conducting this guest lecture to give an awareness and career guidance with respect to RBI, SEBI , and NABARD competitive exams for an entry through Government Jobs in India. The resource person of the event was Ms Asha chandra, Director of Asha Chandra Academy . The speaker addressed the students on the importance of getting placed with government. The speaker gave an awareness, on the competitive exams conducted by Government. Also highlighted the benefits of working in Government organisation. Gave lot of tips and take aways for clearing those competitive exams to the M.Com students.

Students were greatly benefitted out of it. Finally students thank the management, Guest Lecture Committee and IQAC for organising such a useful event at large.

Objectives of the session:

  1. To help the students to understand the importance Competitive examinations
  2. To provide awareness on various regulatory bodies like RBI, SEBI, and NABARD, their job openings
  3. To make students, understand that getting a government job is not very difficult, through tips and take aways.

Outcome of the session:  Giving the students the opportunity to get to know and understand the importance of various competitive exams conducted by regulatory bodies of Government like RBI, SEBI, and NABARD. Also to created awareness among the students on the approaching those competitive exams.

Guest speaker in the session

Ms Kokila M S

Guest Lecture Coordinator

Mr. Arun Raghu Babu

IQAC Coordinator