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Name of the event: GROUP DANCE
Club: Panache (dance club)
Date and time: 17th August,2018
Venue: Chanakya seminar hall
Coordinators: Shreya
Sub-Coordinator: Monisha.N
Participants: 9 Groups
Judges: Mrs Greeshma & Mrs Shilpa

1st Place: Udeep.S & team (BCOM C- boys)
2nd Place: Sayjal& team (BCOM C-girls)
3rd Place: Aishwarya & team (BBA A)

Event Description: Octavius is a group dance competition exclusively for the 1st years. It is a platform for the freshers to showcase their dance skills. There were about 9 groups with around 40 participants.

Song limit: 1 min 30sec -2min 30sec.
Members:2-5 minutes per group
Participants enthusiastically took part and performed on different forms like Bollywood, semi-classical,hip-hop, freestyle,etc. The participants were judged on the criteria of costume ,makeup, co-ordination, formation, etc.