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Graphite – Pencil Sketching

Name of the Event : Graphite – Pencil Sketching

Date and Time  : 20/01/2023, 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Venue : Quadrangle

Event Head : Ms. Kampabeliyappa

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. M K Divya

Student Coordinators: Sanjitha N S, Geethanjali

Winner: First Place: 1st place:-Surander M (3rd sem BCA B), Second Place: Apurbamandal( 1st semBcom A )


To determine which of the 13 participants are the winners, the competition “Graphite – Pencil Sketching” consists of just one round. One hour was provided to the participants to complete their pencil sketches.  Ms.Jyoti Shetty and Ms.Banu A, respectively, judged this.

After an hour, the contestants were invited to submit their sketches to the judges, who then evaluated them and assigned points to the participants on a scale of 0 to 10. Two winners were then proclaimed.

This round’s judging criteria were creativity, overall presentation, message clarity, neatness, colour and presentation skills. Participants might use any type of pencil and paper. With two winners, the competition was effectively concluded. This event served as both a competition and a learning opportunity for the pupils.