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Game On

Name Of The Event : Game On
Name of the Club : Common Event
Date And Time : 7/02/2020 , 10:30 Am – 3:00 Pm
Venue : Quadrangle
Event Head : Supriya
Student Coordinator : Ravi Choudhary,Karthik Iyer

Winners: 1st place- Manoj.V (Ii Bba ‘B’)
Runner Up 1 – Patil Sagar ( Iv Bcom ‘B’)
Runner Up 2 – Shruthi (Iv Bcom ‘B’)

Event description:
Game on was a common event in which participants had to play a set of games and they would be timed accordingly. “Play every game as if it is your last one’’ was the tagline of the event and participants gave their best and showed the spirit of a competition. There was a total of 150 participants from all 22 classes.
There were total five rounds in which participants get eliminated in each round depending on time taken by them in completion of one round. First round was building a pyramid using paper cups. The second round was to move a stack of cups such that the last cup is placed on top. Third round required the participants to balance pencils on their knuckles, then toss them in the air and catch them. In the fourth round, participants were supposed to bounce a ping pong ball into cups filled with water. In the final round, the participants were asked to blow a bubble and make it pass through a hoola hoop. Student coordinator Faculty coordinator.