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FDP on Research, Citation & Patent

Resource Person: Dr. Adhikari and Dr. Agalya V

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Jyothi Priya R

About the Session/event:

The FDP commenced in room number 108. The speakers were Dr. Adhikari and  Dr. Agalya V from R&D department of  NHCE. The first session was conducted by Dr. Adhikari on aspects of Research, Project and Consultancy through collaboration with students and multidisciplinary approach. An insight into the various tools available for research, identifying areas for research and importance of citation was shared which could help in better teaching-learning techniques and enhance students’ overall experience in terms of learning. The second session was conducted by Dr. Agalya V which was an actively engaging session where faculty were required to participate on the spot and come up with ideas that could be intellectually protected under IPR. The session threw light on various IPR related collaborations that could be practiced with students making teaching learning experience more personal and come up with out of the box solutions to modern day problems.